Colombian reggaeton artist J Balvin in a 2018 interview with Jeff Pinilla for Noisey/Vice Wikimedia Commons

J Balvin Announces His Latest Venture and New App Called “OYE”

The Colombian sensation, superstar, and entrepreneur has announced a new app coming in the fall of 2022 called OYE. It is a new bilingual mental wellness app directly inspired by J. Balvin’s personal journey with mental health.

All of this comes during Mental Health Awareness Month. What is the focus of this initiative? It is community-focused and provides accessible emotional wellness content for best practices for everyone.

As reported in the press release, mental health is considered a taboo for the Latinx community, and applicable in other cultures around the world.

OYE screenshot home page.

J Balvin is the co-founder and Chief Dream Officer for OYE. His team is happiness activist and ed-tech executive Mario Chamorro, Global Creative, social impact executive Patrick Dowd, and journalist media executive Isaac Lee.

Joining “OYE” Before September 2022 Launch Includes a 1-year free membership

That’s right! A 1-year free membership when you sign up for the emotional wellness app. When you click on the homepage ( you will enter two pieces of information. Screenshots are included below.

Sign up page screenshot

All of this seems to be a good marketing strategy and a new direction for the multi-Grammy award-winning artist.

Balvin provided context about his journey and experiences on what this new project means for him.

“Through my own journey with mental health and wellness, I was inspired and committed to bringing resources to more people around the world. With OYE, we have created a community-focused platform that will provide engaging and accessible emotional wellness practices for all,” said Balvin. “Everyone’s health journey is different and deeply personal. We wanted to not only encourage and allow people to prioritize emotional and mental health, but also provide diverse opportunities to the global community to build their own worlds of wellness in creative ways.”

What does “OYE” mean?

As it turns out, there is an answer as to why the name was chosen. Images are included below for clarification.

English Instagram post screenshot.
Spanish Instagram post screenshot.

All of this probably means listening to your body’s changes, and why practicing mental wellness is essential.

This project would not be possible without Balvin’s personal therapist, Carlos Lopez. He is a leading psychologist in Latin America and will co-chair OYE’s Wellness Council along with Mari Sierra, A Mexican wellness leader, and mind-body connection expert.

What do you think? Does this have potential? Leave it in the comments!



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