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Teacher Appreciation Week, 2022

There could have been so many ways to cover this topic, but instead, I decided to write about perks. In other words, providing a list of places where can you find things that will make this week that much better.

And before I start listing places that offer discounts, freebies, or any kind of complimentary service, know this. Some of you may have learned that a teacher resigned, has had a nervous breakdown, health with a difficult situation, or went on a strike (that was me from March 8th to March 29th).

TikTok Video: My favorite month of the year is May. This is true for most educators looking forward to Summer vacation.

The above paragraph serves as a reminder you are a hero and an ambassador to your school, students, and community. Please contact the business prior to, assuming they are participating in Teacher Appreciation Week, and I am referencing places in and around Minneapolis.

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Perks for Teacher Appreciation Week 2022

Barnes & Noble

If you are looking for a change of scenery and instead of working out of your classroom or home, they are offering a free (tall) hot or ice coffee or tea. All you need to do is presented a valid ID proving you are a teacher.

Screenshot of B & N webpage

Buffalo Wild Wings

Teachers, staff, and support professionals will be eligible for a 20 percent discount. Discounts are only available for dine-in or in-store pay, but are not applicable for online orders.

Screenshot Buffalo Wild Wings


The American Office retail company is offering a gift box with school supplies. In addition, 20 percent back in classroom rewards on in-store purchases, a 5 percent back in rewards, and more. There are two store locations. One in Minnetonka and another in Apple Valley.

Staples screenshot Teacher Appreciation Week


Costco does not usually offer any discounts or promotions. Except for Teacher Appreciation Week, a $20 shop card when you purchase a new membership.

Costco screenshot Teacher Appreciation Week

If you read or hear of any Teacher Appreciation Week deals going on, please drop in the comments.



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