The New Creative Language: TikTok 2022

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TikTok has been making headlines again in 2022, and you are probably tired of it. I get it because you don’t like that every social network came out with its “TikTok” copy cat app. Meta (a.k.a.) still will always be Facebook. Zuckerberg launched Reels, YouTube launched Shorts, Snapchat created Spotlight, etc. Frankly they need to stop copying and try to come up with something that is not TikTok.

In this post I will be emphasizing with bullet points things to consider with TikTok in 2022 and the video below will perfectly illustrate it.

What has been said for years by influencers is that brands need to be authentic, cool and unique. Not too polished or too scripted because it diminishes the integrity of the message through a video. Users want to be entertained and when you are unknown on TikTok that is okay. People do not care as long as they come away with something.

Here are the points brands need to consider when they collaborate with content creators:

  • Let them express what they want to say
  • Utilize the strength and style of creators into your brand campaign
  • Collaborate but don’t dilute the influencers identity
  • TikTok users want to be entertained

Successful content creators know how to amass a following on TikTok. Now that brands are testing TikTok as their marketing platform they need to allow more freedom into their product placements and be creative with the content. Why? TikTok is about transitions and changes made within looping videos. Marketing on existing platforms can come off as not so authentic and on TikTok it is more casual, and fun.

There are so many breeds of content creators. You see a variety of content creators that are dancers, teachers, athletes, coaches, and others on the platform. This group that I just mentioned are not just talking about their professions all the time and instead come up with creative stories for the video on a daily basis. When you partner with them allow them to bring their unique lens and approach to the content you want to promote as a brand.

When businesses and brands come on TikTok, do not try to wash away a creators creative feel. When they have amassed followers that are in the hundreds of thousands or millions allow them to add their recipe and style into your brand. It will make you more human.

People might say why I wrote this without having much authority? Well when I joined TikTok years ago I had said to friends close to me and others to check out TikTok. You know where TikTok is now? Everywhere!

I had created accounts on Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and others that were once popular. I branded myself as a journalist and writer. It helped a bit, but I switched careers and specialized in education to become a classroom teacher. I came onto the TikTok scene because my students talked about the app and the stuff they really liked, so I became curious. Once I started using the app I knew it was about being you and posting videos others could enjoy even though I am not a public figure.

In conclusion, I think that TikTok has attracted attention because of its uniqueness and different approach to videos. Heck I am grateful to have to date 400,000 followers. My content has been about so many different things and that is okay. I never fit into one category, and be yourself on the app to see where it takes you.



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Anthony Carranza

Anthony Carranza

Mission Statement Education: “My purpose is to connect with learners and inspire them! Write about education and TikTok trending topics!